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NFT and Lucky Snapshot Done.

Distribution will start to take place next week 

logo-CLOVER.svg CLOVER and logo-LUCKY.svg LUCKY available on zilswap


Genesis NFT and Lucky Airdrop Snapshot List


NFT Airdrop for CLOVER HODLers

Special Genesis NFTs will be dropped to CLOVER HODLers in the following proportions

3 Diamond Class Clover NFTs: Top 3 CLOVER HODLer addresses (excluding developer address and zilswap LP address) at time of snapshot

7 Gold Class Clover NFTs: 4th to 10th CLOVER HODLer addresses at time of snapshot

Silver Class Clover NFTs: All balance CLOVER HODLer addresses who hold at least 50 CLOVER at time of snapshot.

(Each unique zilliqa address can only receive one type of NFT airdrop above. Snapshot will take place on 10th Apr 2021 at a random time. Airdrop List with zil addresses will be put up on luckyclover.xyz subsequently for transparency. Please allow some time for NFT Generation after snapshot as each NFT needs to designed and minted individually and all NFTs will be unique. All NFT's will be fully tradable on https://zilliqa.mintable.app/ so you can decide to put it up for sale or hold on to it for good luck. It's yours to decide. It's our way of giving back to the community and adding some value too.)

LUCKY Airdrop on 10th April 2021: 100 LUCKY for every 1 CLOVER
(Total Airdrop approximately 3 Million+ LUCKY)

To reward early adopters of those who bought CLOVER early on Zilswap, we will be airdropping LUCKY to CLOVER HODLers based on the snapshot taken on 10th Apr 2021 (at a random time that day). The airdrop list will subsequently be put up on luckyclover.xyz for transparency.